Modelling a Dune Buggy

One can model his own customized dune buggy, Initially you have to Build the roll cage with the Axial Sweep for this Use the V-Line tool in the Shapes palette to draw the cage shape as shown below. Try to keep the lines as connected as possible with the Join tool. Then use the Fillet tool in the Edit suite to round some of the corners. It is okay if the cage you drew has some variations compared.

The dune buggy rental Dubai passion is increasing, A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes or beaches. The design is usually a modified vehicle with a modified engine mounted on an open chassis. The modifications usually attempt to increase the power to weight ratio by either lightening the vehicle or increasing engine power or both. They are also often referred to as air buggies, and those with an open frame chassis are called sandrails. A similar, more recent generation of off road vehicle, often similar in appearance to a sand rail but designed for different use, is the "off road go kart". The difference between a dune buggy or go kart and an "off road" buggy or kart is sometimes nothing more than the type of tires fitted -sand tires or all terrain tires - but "off road" go karts and buggies are a rapidly developing category of their own. Safety is also a primary concern for dune buggy rental vehicles.

In automobile design, a rear-engine design layout places both the engine and drive wheels at the rear of the vehicle. The center of gravity of the engine itself is actually past the rear axle. This is not to be confused with the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, as an imbalance of such proportions would make it impossible to keep the front wheels on the ground. Rear engined cars are almost always rear wheel drive, a layout known as RR. The exception is certain high performance four wheel drive models from Porsche.

The disadvantage of the rear engine configuration is that placing the engine outside the wheelbase creates significant problems for car handling as, when the car begins to slide on a corner, the end of the car will tend to want to swing wide and overtake the front — especially under braking. This tendency is referred to as oversteer and creates potential safety issues both for ordinary drivers, and even in racing applications. There are also occasions where expert drivers find such behavior desirable in drifting, a motorsport based on intentional oversteer. Details on the handling characteristics of rear engined cars were prominently featured in the 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed.