Dune buggy tour Dubai

For dune buggy tour Dubai you will be required to wear a full face helmet and a 4-point harness at all times on the course. Our custom buggies are expert at taming this type of terrain so you don't have to be. The racers are automatic so it's just go, stop, aim, and scream! While you are out in the wilderness taking in the expansive Dubai desert, this adventure is all about the ride! Dune buggy Dubai fabricates these vehicles specifically for this type of terrain. Far beyond what mass produced consumer vehicles can do, this is the world of custom off road adventure machines! One of our highly skilled Dunies will give you a ride that you won't forget!!!

For dune buggy tour Dubai, we generally provide 2, 4, 5 and 6 seat buggies on this tour (this tour Great for families with small kids!). While our custom buggies are expert at taming this type of terrain you need not be as they're easy to drive with only gas, brake, and steering just like your automatic car.

This is a free roaming adventure where we'll show you how to drive the buggies, how to properly navigate over the sand razorbacks, and show you around the area at which point you just go for it and explore all on your own. Our staff stays on site and is there to assist whenever needed and to make sure you're having a safe adventure on Dune buggy tour Dubai. This is definitely the place to see if you want to take photos. This area offers an unparalleled spectrum of beauty and is truly a wonder of nature. Our event starts with you being picked up at the resort of your choosing by one of our staff members and then are shuttled to our state-of-the-art facility. From our Facility, you'll be transported to the first leg of your adventure. A favorite option for groups and especially corporate events is our ability to put your logo on a few buggies, which makes for great pictures to hang in the office. Beyond your logo on the buggies, we commonly provide custom event T-shirts for participants to take away with them, which makes for a perfect souvenir.